For over a century, Desjardins has been one of the top-tier financial product providers in Canada, with innovative portfolios and effective funds. Desjardins is proud to offer unique responsible investment solutions, giving clients attractive return potential on their portfolios, while having a positive impact on their communities and the environment.

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Responsible Investing is a form of financial investment that takes into account Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors, without of course, neglecting desired financial returns. These portfolios are designed for those who want to see their investment grow all the while supporting businesses which promote sustainable development and respect social and human responsibilities.

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We believe that a company that cares as much about its environmental, social and governance policies as it does about its financial performance is better equipped to meet the challenges of the global economy.

To help you achieve your financial goals and contribute to sustainable development, Desjardins offers a wide range of responsible investments, whatever your investor profile and your needs.


Rosalie Vendette

Responsible investing specialist at Desjardins


Leveraging profitable change Changements

The acronym ESG, which stands for “Environmental, Social and Governance, includes a set of challenges companies are potentially exposed to. ESG criteria are used to select RI companies which make the best use of ESG practices in their industry.



  • Forestry
Climate change
  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Carbon footprint
  • Green buildings
Water management
  • Water-related risks
  • Water footprint
  • Fracking
Product safety
  • Genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
  • Nanotechnology



Board of directors
  • Composition
  • Independence
  • Shareholder nominations
Executive compensation
  • Advisory vote
  • Financial crisis
  • Severance pay
Shareholder rights
  • Multiple-voting shares
Political contributionsShareholder rights planSuccession planAbstention campaignSecurity lending

history Historique

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RI around the world L'ISR dans le monde

Every two years, the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance releases the Global Sustainable Investment Review, an overview of responsible investing (RI) around the world. Seven regions are covered in the report: Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Asia (excluding Japan), Japan, and Africa.

The current international market for RI — an investment approach that includes environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria in the selection and management of placements and investments — already represented USD 22.9 trillion in the regions covered by the report as of December 31, 2015.

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