Chapter 5
RI in details


Socially engaged shareholders

Investing in your future will help you fulfill your dreams. Investing in responsible investment (RI) fund will also allow you to address and influence the environmental, social and governance challenges companies face. The fund empowers you to do this through the use of several strategies, including shareholder engagement.

What is shareholder engagement?
Shareholder engagement is one of the seven strategies of the RI fund. This means that the fund interacts directly with the companies in its investment portfolio and encourages them to improve their environmental, social and governance policies. The RI fund thus allow investors to make their voices heard. Investing in the fund will allow you to take control of your future and contribute positive change to the world!
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Myths and facts

Responsible investing is still poorly understood by many investors and several myths persist…

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Ethiquette® is an independent Web platform developed and managed by the Responsible Consumption Observatory (RCO) of UQÀM’s School of Management Sciences (ESG UQÀM) and Ellio. It offers a unique and interactive overview of all forms of responsible investment.

The primary purpose of Ethiquette is to help individual investors navigate the realm of responsible investment. As an academic platform, it is guaranteed to offer independent and objective information and advice.

Our Partners

With other institutional investors, we participate in coalitions to demand improvements to company policies, industry standards and national and international regulations. In addition, we are working on several research projects with academic partners.

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Desjardins offers diverse and comprehensive texts on
responsible investment.
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